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Is your current accounting being performed in a timely manner? Do you have confidence that the information you get is accurate? Are you getting the reports you need to make good business decisions as to pricing, costs and profit? At no charge to you, we would be happy to sit down with you to find out your needs and wants and design an accounting system that will help you grow your business. Accounting in your office or outsourced to us, it’s your choice. We are experts in QuickBooks but can also offer other solutions. Take advantage of a free consultation with us to see if we can provide a better solution.


Whether you process your payroll manually or through QuickBooks, we can prepare your payroll tax returns, W-2s and 1099s. Alternatively, we can teach you how to accomplish this yourself. If you want to relieve yourself of the payroll function altogether, you might benefit from a payroll service. We recommend several companies that can provide this benefit. Payroll is an important and time sensitive part of your accounting system that must have high priority.


We prepare compiled financial statements by taking your trial balance or financial statements and performing some basic procedures and putting them in the proper financial statement format along with our report. When required, we will help generate the financial information or make adjustments to your records in order to get them ready for the compilation. Compilations can either be issued with or without disclosures depending upon what the financial statement users require. If we prepare your business taxes, a non-disclosure compilation can usually be prepared at minimal cost.


An audit of financial statements, or “a certified audit,” as it is sometimes called is the highest form of assurance CPAs can provide on financial statements. Only a licensed certified public accounting firm can provide this service. Bank financing, absentee owners or preparation for a future sale are often the reasons for a business audit. Governmental, nonprofit, ERISA and credit union audits are usually done for regulatory purposes.

Throughout our 30 year plus history we have always emphasized audit services. The principals of McClure, Inserra came out of auditing for national CPA firms and have continued to specialize in auditing. Every year our professionals attend continuing professional education to keep them abreast of the latest changes and all are involved in audit work throughout the year. Our perfect peer review reports since our first peer review in 1991 have shown our attention to quality.


We have the experience and expertise in this specialized field to perform timely, professional audits and supervisory examinations for small and large credit unions.


For over thirty years McClure, Inserra & Company, CPAs have provided audit, tax and accounting services to a wide variety of industries throughout Chicagoland. With the principals coming from national firm backgrounds and because we have emphasized the audit function throughout our history, we have the ability to provide auditing services in most industries. Our top grades on our peer review reports testify to our competence in these matters. Please contact us if you would like a quality audit done in a timely fashion.


Financial Statement reviews provide a mid-level assurance service which can only be performed by CPAs. A review consists primarily of inquiries and analytical procedures to provide support for the assertion that the financial statements appear accurate. It is a higher level of service than a compilation which is described above.

As with its auditing services, McClure Inserra CPAs has proven its excellent compliance with professional standards by earning top grades on all peer reviews it has undergone. Our prior national firm experience as well as our current emphasis in this area have made us successful in providing a professional review product for all of our clients who desire this level of assurance.


Accounting and auditing is all about getting accurate numbers for the past. This is important; we need to know what we have done to begin to plan our future. In advising our clients, we analyze the financial information you have by looking for trends, over-spending and even under-spending to make your business more profitable. Then we look to the future to see what is likely and explore some possibilities if changes are made. The look forward can take the form of helping you prepare revenue projections under various scenarios, spending plans (monthly or annual) to be able to predict what your bottom line might be a year from now, and if you are on target to achieve it. Also, it may cross over into tax advice regarding year end spending, pension and profit sharing plans and various credits that may be available to you. We find if a business takes the time to work on the business rather than just working in it, they can be proactive to take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.