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McClure, Inserra and Company, has experience with governmental audits and nonprofit audits. Our certified public accountants have performed these services in Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs, including Arlington Heights, Illinois for over 30 years. Contact us today if you would like more information on these auditing services or have questions about the other financial services that we offer.

We Provide A Wide Range Of Specialty Auditing Services Including

Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofit organizations of all kinds, although generally not subject to income taxes, still are required to keep detailed and accurate accounting records. Granting agencies, contributors and even the federal and state governments want reports to see how the organization is fulfilling its stewardship and fiduciary responsibilities of the resources given. Nonprofit accounting can be complex. Often an organization can hire a higher level of accounting expertise by using an outside professional than it could with part-time or full-time staff. We would be pleased to help you meet all your accounting and reporting needs in a cost efficient manner.
Information for Illinois Charities from the Charitable Trusts and Solicitations division of the Illinois Attorney General’s office is available at

Nonprofit Audits

Trade associations, private schools, churches, counseling agencies, and other nonprofit organizations, represent the kind of audits we have performed in our 30+ year history with nonprofit entities. In addition, we prepare the federal and state forms 990 and AG990-IL needed to comply with the law. Contact us to see if we can help your organization.

Government Accounting

McClure, Inserra and Company has many years of experience with library, park district, township and other government districts. We have performed these services in Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs of Cook County, as well as Lake, McHenry, Kane and Will County, Illinois. Contact us today if you would like our assistance with your in-house accounting.

Some of the Accounting Services we offer are:

  • Preparation of board reports and financial statements
  • Monthly reconciliations and adjustments
  • QuickBooks training
  • Semi-monthly or monthly bill payment
  • Consulting regarding budget and tax levy ordinance
  • Pre-audit preparation

McClure, Inserra and Company are experts in local governmental accounting and auditing. In addition to libraries, we have experience with park districts, townships, and special districts. Timely, cost effective and expert work is what we have provided for over 30 years. We tailor our services and fees to the exact needs of each client. References, resumes and other credentials are provided with our proposals.

Please contact us and we will show you how we can service all of your governmental accounting needs.


McClure, Inserra and Company performs audits for many public libraries in the Chicago metropolitan area. We have achieved this level of acceptance and recognition by providing our libraries with a timely, professional, useful audit and related services at a reasonable investment. In addition to the audit, we have performed internal control studies, set up QuickBooks and provided consulting services to our libraries supporting all aspects of the finance function. We look forward to continuing to provide services to libraries and welcome new libraries as well as other governmental clients.

Other Government Audits

McClure, Inserra and Company are experts in local governmental accounting and auditing. In addition to libraries, we perform audits of townships, special districts and park districts. Timely, high quality audits of local governmental units is something we have emphasized since our inception. Our commitment to quality has been confirmed by the fact that on our previous seven peer reviews we received an unqualified report with no letter of comment.

Peer review of CPA firms

Since 1990 we have performed over 200 peer reviews of other Chicago CPA firms. When using us for the first time we often alert our clients to many areas of improvement that have been overlooked by previous reviewers. Paul Inserra has been a key member of the Illinois CPA Society’s Peer Review Report Acceptance Committee for many years and distinguished himself as the Committee Chair from 1998 to 2000. Paul has served on the AICPA Peer Review Board and is presently on its Oversight Task Force.