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We are a team of certified public accountants and accountants in Chicago specializing in helping small businesses handle their taxes and financial reporting using QuickBooks. We offer help with the setup of QuickBooks, training, repairing data, accounting, and software support.



How would you like to run your business and not worry about having an accounting expert on staff? Let us assist you by performing the more difficult monthly reconciliations and journal entries, while you use QuickBooks to invoice your customers, write your checks, manage your receivables and payables and give you up-to-date sales and cost information. We can do this remotely, so you can keep using QuickBooks while we do the “back office” work.

We work with all versions of QuickBooks and work with you the way that makes sense for you. There are online QuickBooks solutions if you want to be able to have access to your financial information from anywhere. This also allows us “real time” access to perform accounting functions such as bank reconciliations, recording payroll and making journal entries. Take advantage of a free consultation to find out what solution works best for you.


From simple to complex, “it’s all in the set-up.” If you want QuickBooks to give you the reports you need to successfully run your business, then it needs to be set up right. Waiting until year end for your accountant to make corrections is costly and ineffective for your business needs. We will set the correct preferences, customize the invoice format and memorize the right reports to make this powerful business tool work for you.

Also, we recommend signing up for quarterly or monthly ongoing services. Our clients appreciate the support and advice that regular interaction provides.


Is your QuickBooks file accurate, reconciled and giving you the information you need? If not, we can offer you the qualifications of a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor who has the training and experience to fix the file and provide continuing advice to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.


We have found that one-on-one training is the quickest and most effective way to make QuickBooks work for you. We can come to your office, or you can bring your file to our office, if you would like to be trained on how to use this ubiquitous business accounting program. Whether you have been using it for years or just purchased the software, working on your file with you there is the most effective and efficient way for you to learn the software, fix any errors and improve processes.